the art of m:tg
Is the art gallery down for good, or are you going to come back to it?

No no! It’s still very much up! I just haven’t gotten back to adding pieces yet, I’m sorry.

However, it shall be done! …..soon.

Life’s Legacy || Howard Lyon

Lion’s Eye Diamond || Lindsey Look

Gift of Immortality || Matt Stewart

Squelching Leeches || Svetlin Velinov

Grenzo’s Rebuttal || Dave Kendall

Archetype of Imagination || Robbie Trevino

Goblin week, round 2. B) *just kidding, you do what you want, you do wonderful work for all of us :)*

I don’t think I’ve done Goblin Week Round 1! But it’s definitely on the horizon, no worries.

I know this is very early to ask, but is it possible that in the future you could post the M15 Slivers art?

I’ll be posting new M15 art starting this week, so just keep refreshing that dash :]

Archetype of Imagination artwork? :)

I don’t have full-res yet, but I’ll post up what I have!

(NOTE: Whenever I find hi-res versions of lower-res images, I usually repost it for archiving purposes.)